Slime Pellet Rations

Normal dungeon slimes are completely inedible and somewhat toxic to eat. In rare instances when a slime grows very large the toxins get so dilute that the slime’s natural secretions become edible if unpalatable.

If the secretions of a slime of more than 10 HD are collected and dried they form a pellet the size of a chicken’s egg. This pellet can be eaten and provides as much sustenance as a days worth of rations. For each 10HD one pellet can be prepared each day. The pellets last 100 years in any conditions before disintegrating. The pellet re-hydrates when exposed to saliva and chewed. It takes on the taste and consistency of mucus. If the Judge wants a DC 5 Fortitude save can be imposed to successfully choke down the slime ration.

Far away in an unnamed dungeon a foul warlock named Nedis had sequestered himself to protect a foul curse that had been set upon the world. In this dungeon was a giant slime named Cornix. Nedis discovered that he could sustain himself on the dried drippings that slowly oozed out of the pool that Cornix was in.

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Ever Smoking Pipe

When this pipe is found, usually discarded in a corner of a dungeon, it has a curl of smoke coming up from it. There is no medium burning in this pipe. A wizard who come into possession of this pipe gains a very powerful benefit. Whenever the caster is subject to corruption, from any source, the caster may choose between the corruption result rolled or the result one point higher on the table.

This pipe has no known history, though it has some initials inscribed on it’s side J R B D.

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