Blanket of Paralysis

This fine soft blanket exhibits an irresistible draw to the first person to touch it each day. As soon as the first person touches it, they take the blanket for when they get tired. That evening as soon as they are covered in the blanket, the feel more comfortable than ever before in their life. They lose all sense and ambition. All they want in the world is to stay under the blanket and lounge or sleep. The next morning they must make a DC 20 Will save to remove the blanket. If an ally tries to pull the blanket away the Will save is reduced by 5.

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Crone Liniment

This healing salve preserves the body of a person who has reached age 70 so long as they have a denigrated social position. It converts the energy of society’s scorn into healing energy that preserves the persons body in an unaging state for 100 years. This effectively increases their lifespan by that amount without further decrepitude. Should their social position become celebrated, or the 100 years pass, they will die within 24 hours, visibly aging the amount of their life extension in the last few moments. Each Liniment is unique to the person using it. Given the experimentation needed to perfect it the person may have garnered other supernatural boons or banes in the process. Avoiding death at the end of a natural lifespan shifts a persons alignment one step towards Chaos (Lawful -> Neutral, Neutral -> Chaos, Chaos -> More Chaos).

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