Champlain's Tick-tock Thresher

Sat 20 April 2019

This mystical machine was made to be a self loading automatic threshing machine. It's articulated arms will take any bagged grain or corn within 15 feet and load them automatically. The machine will perform any and all of the following actions; winnow, thresh, husk, hull or otherwise prepare any grain or bean. It will then load the refined seed into bags and stack them neatly for movement or storage.

To maintain the magic it must be fed blood once a year. Traditionally a large sheep or ram would be fed into the hopper of the machine each fall. If this was ever forgotten, then the following harvest season some unfortunate user would have an 'accident' and be consumed while trying to prepare the magic machine for use. Should such a thing happen this mystical farm implement has a cumulative 5% chance of developing a nearly insatiable taste for human flesh and animating to satisfy it's hunger. Once animated it has an uncanny ability to only move when no one is looking at it.

After his success with Cow Switch of Charming, Champlain set his sights on easing the other burdens of the farms near his tower. He built this clock gear based magic thresher to save the whole community the tremendous amount of time needed the thresh and otherwise prepare their grains.

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