Kralophanous's Resting Cushion

Sun 21 April 2019

This cushion doubles as a pillow. Each night spent sleeping with this cushion under the user's head grants an extra 1d3 hp in healing. Every night spent this way also causes dreams in which the user is more and more comfortable and attached to the pillow, dreams like being in a luxurious inn, or lounging in a hammock on a warm day. After using this cushion 7 times the user must make a DC 10 Will save, each time it is successful the DC increases by 1 the next time it is used (10, then 11, then 12 and so on). If it fails the user falls into a deep, paralyzed stupor for Xd3 hours, where X is the number of times the cushion has been used successfully.

Kralophanous had been a con artist before entering a life of wizardry. He devised this pillow once when his research funds were in danger of running low a few months before his research finished. Kralophanous would take the pillow and travel a good distance from where people knew him and assume the name of one of his rivals. He would then gift it to an unpopular minor noble, and once the paralyzing stupor took effect, Kralophanous would bribe or trick his way past the noble's servants. He would then steal all the valuables and threaten anyone who got in his way with his terrible magics.

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