Loincloth of Delusion

Sat 27 April 2019

Loincloths do not provide any protection against swords and axes. Unfortunately for warriors who stumble upon this loincloth it casts an enchantment on any who catch sight of it. Any warrior who sees this loincloth must make a DC 20 Will save or believe that this loincloth is both magical and grants an armor class equal to that of full plate mail, but without the check penalty. Failing the Will save also indicates that the warrior will wear this loincloth and discard their regular armor as inferior.

This loincloth was made by the serpent demon Jefaxzyrg. A certain lawful deity had guided the hand of a rather dimwitted knight through a long series of quests. The dimwitted knight had collected a full set of lawful magical arms and armor. The knight was closing in on the portal to the demiplane of Jefaxzyrg. For the first time in 7 demoniac aeons which have no corresponding number of human years, being both longer and shorter than human timescales, Jefaxzyrg felt the fear of mortality grip his tripateral chambers. He needed a weakness to exploit if this knight ever made it to him. Jefaxzyrg then made this loincloth, and placed it in a chest owned by some chaotic creatures in the knights path.

Rumor has it that Jefaxzyrg also made a corresponding version for any women too modest to wear only a loincloth, so there is a possibility that there exists a Chainmail Bikini of Delusion as well.

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