Manacles of the Maniac

Fri 26 April 2019

This set of manacles looks like it has seen long use, full of wear marks, but otherwise in excellent condition. When placed on a creature, it must make a DC 18 Will save or be driven temporarily insane. The insanity takes the form of a stark raving madness, with foaming at the mouth and outbursts; including pacing, yelling and screaming. Animals have a similar pacing and growling or yelping symptoms.

As a backup the creator of these manacles added an illusion. Should the creature make the Will save the illusion kicks in. Everyone looking at the creature must make a DC 15 Will save or see the creatures mouth move and hear it make mumbling sounds. The lock on these manacles is of exceptional quality and is slightly magical. It requires a DC 25 pick locks check made by a Thief who also has at least a d14 in cast spell from scroll.

These manacles were made by the serpent demon Jefaxzyrg to aid Lord Dubloich in his political maneuverings. Lord Dubloich would often seek to use rumor and innuendo to destroy his political rivals. First he would sew rumors about his rivals growing insanity. Then he would have his rival kidnapped. Peasants would be paid to be beaten and claim it was at the hands of the rival. Then Lord Dubloich would attach these manacles to the rival and parade them about town before having them sent to a madhouse he ran in the countryside.

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