Switch of Cow Charming

Fri 19 April 2019

The wielder of this switch may gain command of a single cow. Mental control of the cow lasts for one month, during which time no other cow may be charmed. The switch was made in a rushed fashion and has one flaw which should be kept secret from the player. The cow gets a Will save, DC 8 every day to overcome the part of the charm that allows the wielder to control it. If the cow makes the save, it is now uncontrolled, but falls madly and permanently in love with the wielder of the Switch of Cow Charming. How this manifests is completely up to the Judge.

The Switch of Cow Charming was made by the wizard Champlain the Goofy. A farmer near his tower would bring offerings of cheese to Champlain once a week. One day after getting to know each other, the farmer mentioned to Champlain that he had one particularly difficult and obstinate cow. A month later Champlain bestowed this mystic switch upon the farmer. Legend has it that it was two weeks before the flaw was found and that no one knows what happened to either the cow or the farmer after.

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