Whiskeyskin of Transmutation

Wed 24 April 2019

This waterskin looks like a regular waterskin. It is only when the owner fills it that its magical properties become apparent. Twice per day any liquid placed in it turns into a strong whiskey after 1 turn. The flavor and quality of the whiskey are dependent upon the quality of the liquid put into the skin. Muddy or fouled water or similar liquid turns into a unpalatable rotgut. Clean water turns into an average whiskey. Fine wine turns into a high quality whiskey.

Ole'Man Yellow-Pall (no one knew his real name, Knarf Gallbladder) was a regular at the tavern called Brews to Choke on, owned by old Choker himself. His love of whiskey was unparalleled and for years you could tell how much coin he'd come across recently by how deeply yellow the color of his skin was. Tragically one day, waking up in his usual place to sleep, the gutter, he spied a tarnished and scratched silver ring. Realizing this would keep him in whiskey for a few weeks he quickly grabbed it and stuck it on his finger. Immediately upon putting it on he heard a voice in his head informing him he could use the ring to wish for magical properties to be placed on one item. With only a moments thought he wished for a waterskin that would turn any liquid put in the skin to whiskey.

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